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How would you rent a car in Bucharest and receive fidelity, discounts for online card payment, first additional driver, free insurance options and many other benefits? It's time to discover! Because here, at the Pricecarz we offer everything to enjoy a new driving experience in Romania. You can rent from Henri Coanda Airport Bucharest Otopeni one of the 300 cars with recent manufacturing date and reduced mileage which we provide you instant, straight away. To the best relationship between quality / price. Without tedious procedures for reservation and time.

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Fiat 500 Hybrid or similar
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Peugeot 208, Skoda Fabia, Renault Clio or similar
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Dacia Logan Eco-G NEW or similar
From: 7.47 EUR
Renault Megane or similar
From: 8.47 EUR
DACIA JOGGER or similar
Compact Wagon
From: 17.58 EUR
Toyota Corolla or similar
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Sandero Stepway or similar
From: 7.16 EUR
VW T-Cross, VW Taigo or similar
Crossover Elite Manual
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Dacia Jogger 5+2 Locuri or similar
From: 39.67 EUR
Toyota Yaris, Nissan Micra or similar
Automatic Economy
From: 17.83 EUR
Dacia Sandero Stepway Automat NEW or similar
Compact Automatic
From: 18.47 EUR
VW T-Cross DSG, VW Taigo DSG or similar
Crossover Elite Automatic
From: 19.47 EUR
Toyota CH-R Hybrid or similar
Crossover Automatic
From: 36.41 EUR
Seat Ateca, Jeep Renegade Hybrid or similar
SUV Automatic
From: - EUR
Toyota Rav4, 4x4, Automat or similar
Fullsize 4x4
From: - EUR
Mercedes GLA Automat or similar
Premium SUV
From: - EUR
VW Touareg or similar
Premium SUV
From: 129.41 EUR
BMW x6 or similar
Luxury SUV
From: 161.76 EUR
Renault Trafic or similar
From: - EUR

Whether you reach Bucharest for personal purposes, whether for business, you have to expect the traffic specific to a European capita. Being the largest city in Romania, the agglomeration in public transport and the weight to access the availability of taxi services is a constant reality. If you want to enjoy full freedom of movement, flexibility and speed, but do not have your own car, appeal to a simple solution: rent a car. Here, at the skill, we are waiting for you with an extended fleet, over 300 modern cars, with a recent date of manufacture and reduced mileage. We respond to your needs. And if you have come to the capital of Romania, it does not miss the many tourist attractions that await you to discover them. Did you know that Parliament Palace is part of the world's largest buildings, which can be seen from space? But that Herastrau Park stretches over an area of ​​approx. 200 hectares of land? To enjoy the charm of the city called "Little Paris", you need a car to guarantee your mobility at any time. That's why we're here. At the skill you find the right machine. You have unlimited kilometers. First additional free driver. In addition, you can choose an advantageous insurance form.

The conditions you need to meet to rent a car

If you are at least 19 years old and have a minimum driving license for a year, you have already fulfilled all the conditions to rent a car from the powercarz. If you want to have an extra driver's option, do not forget to provide us with its driving license. The international driving license is only necessary in situations where the applicants' permit is written in non-novelty letters.

How much does it cost?

We know there is not a single solution that responds to all the needs of drivers. Yeah, and we are car lovers! For this reason, we meet our customers with personalized offers, depending on their requests. Prices for renting cars in our fleet start at 11.95 euro / day and can reach up to 78 euros / day. Right here on the website, you can consult the technical information about each car that we can make it available to take the most appropriate decision for you. Simple!

How do you pay?

With the card. Visa or Master Card. If you optese for the zero risk package, you can also opt for cash or debit card, except for premium and luxury cars. On online payment with the card, you can benefit from bonus points, reconvertible in extra facilities or money. Exactly: We are always careful and we offer our customers all the reasons to choose us as partners in their journeys. We rent both Business to Business and Business to Customer. Always at your disposal.

What rights, obligations and legal responsibilities do you have a car rental?

Here, in luck, we like to be transparent in absolute moment. We communicate openly, from the start, and we respect all the provisions of the legislation in force. That is why we bring you know - now on - the rights, obligations and legal obligations of drivers, valid for car rental.

Driver's Rights: What many auto companies will not communicate from the beginning

Right to be informed: Car rental prices should include costs related to car maintenance. If the driver calls for additional services such as GPS, an additional driver or the zero insurance package, their tariffs must be found in the confirmation of the reservation and, implicitly, in the contract concluded. In addition, abusive clauses are not legal in Romania. If the driver identifies such a clause in the car rental contract, he must contact the representatives of the company in an emergency regime to clarify the situation.

What are the main tourist attractions in Bucharest?

A city where history must, museums and exhibition halls are all the way, and the terraces and cafes are so impoverient that they can not be refused, Bucharest is an inspired choice for those who want to discover the beauty of this place! Car Rental Service Bucharest is available 24 hours a day for those interested, representing an excellent alternative to public transport. Both people arriving here for professional interest and personal interest can enjoy comfort during their journey. What are, however, the most important places that you do not have to miss? Reply, in the rows below!

Driver's obligations: Simple rules of conduct you need to respect

The rented car must be returned in the same technical condition in which it was taught. If it is necessary to prolong the rental period, the driver is obliged to announce the car rental company. If the car, however, is not taught in time, then the driver will have to bear an extra charge, as if the car was returned to another location than the one set.

Driver's Responsibilities: Find out what the fees you need to acquire

Drivers must bear taxes related to travel, such as congestion charges, bridge fees, payroll fees or autostrade fees. Also fined drivers while driving a leased car must handle personal contraventions. The car leased from the Pricecarz must be made at the time of returning at the set date / time.

Parliament Palace or People's House

Also known as the "People's House", Parliament's palace must be on your list when you arrive in Bucharest. It has an area of ​​365,000 square meters and is in the world's largest administrative buildings. In the ranking of the constructions that can be seen from the moon, he ranks third, after the Pentagon and the Great Wall of China. It is not its only record that he obtained, because in the record book is mentioned as the third building, as a volume, after the Canaveral Cape (US) and the quetzalcoatl pyramid (Mexico), having an area of ​​not less than 64,800 meters square. You can visit the People's House along with a tourist guide, from which to know the history of this fully impressive building. Such services are made available and can enrich you - in considerably - the whole experience.

Palatul Parlamentului
Parcul Regele Mihai I

Herastrau Park or King Mihai I Park I

If you want to see - really - an oasis of relaxation, then Herastrau Park is where you have to get. Not by chance, it is considered the most spectacular and the most varied park in Bucharest, because it meets the general public with the most diverse methods of leisure. It has an area of ​​approx. 200 ha and a lake of 5.92 km, where water sports are practiced. If you want to walk with boats, hydrobials or vapors, Lake Herastrau is ideal. And if the water does not awaken any interest, then you can enjoy the specially designed areas for skaters, cyclists or even an adventure park. Terraces and bars are also a point of attraction in this area in the country's capital. In all seasons, Herastrau Park has a special charm, which captivates you through natural elements.

Arc de Triomphe or National World War symbol

If you have arrived at Herastrau Park, it is worth taking a detour and the triumph arc, a national symbol that you have also noticed in the car because it is located right in the middle of the most crowded intersections in the capital. Maybe you did not know, but this monument measures 27 m high and was raised to celebrate the victory of the Romanian army in the First World War, as well as the proclamation of union. He observes the architectural style of this objective, and you will be able to notice the scenes in the fighting of Romanian soldiers. The triumph arc also hosts a small museum, where no less than 4 exhibitions are illustrated: the great war of the reunification of the Gentile, the heraldic of the great boyars, the triumphal arch in the pictures and the sea union at 1918, to which visitors have access to certain periods out of year. If you're lucky, you might be among those who see them.

Arcul de Triumf
Arcul de Triumf

The Romanian Athenaeum or the place where, over 140 years, the symphony orchestra is heard

No visit to the capital can be concluded without a classical music concert supported at the Romanian Athenaeum. This is where, for over 140 years, the Symphony Orchestra of the George Enescu Philharmonics delights the souls of the listeners. The Romanian Athenaeum is positioned in the heart of the capital and impresses through its own and all-spectacular hall. If you have heard of the phrase "give a lion for Athenaeu," find out what refers to the story of this place built with the 500,000 tickets with a nominal value of 1 lion. Athenaeum is a flagship building for Bucharest and may not be deprived of the tourist attractions. It is part of the European heritage and, since 2004, it is also enrolled in the list of historical monuments. On his outer dome are written the names of the greatest personalities, such as Michelangelo or Beethoven S.A.M.d ..

The Romanian Peasant Museum

Folk art is a pride for Romanians, and those who want to spend a relaxing day in Bucharest can choose the path of the Romanian Taran Museum.

Houses in all areas of Romania are raised here, for visitors to see how the villagers lived and what were the utensils they used in agriculture.

Muzeul Taranului Roman

The old center or the place of fun in the capital

Even if the "Old Center" sounds like a historic tourist attraction with a totally other purpose, we are actually talking, implicitly about an area of ​​fun in the capital. You will find here chisk terraces, luxury restaurants, stories, which may capture you more than old museums and buildings, especially if you are a socialization follower. The whole area vibrates energy both day and night, being the zero point in Bucharest, where the tone of fun is given. If you want to feel the city's energy, you integrate into the community and eat something spectacular, go to your list and the old center. Do not forget to make yourself - in time - reservation at the restaurant and fully enjoy an experience designed to be kept in the top of the most beautiful memories. One thing is certain: You can not say you were in Bucharest, if you have not visited the old center.

Parcul Regele Mihai I

Near every tourist attraction in the capital you will find both public and private parking, where you can leave the car safe. Make sure you opt for this type of specially designed spaces and that you do not risk your safety and autoture, parking in irregular areas in the proximity of the objectives.